Dancing in the streets

Tonight was Coast Guard Festival's annual "Street Dance" or dancing in the streets, as we call it! Four years ago, when Brett and I were first dating, he took me for my first time.. and I had so much fun. I think it was honestly the night I fell in love with him completely and it had only been a month or so since we had started dating! But he dragged me out in the middle of the street and twirled me around and bent me backwards and proved himself to be the most fun person I have ever known.. and he's been proving himself true every year since. We go every year - even if it's just the two of us, and boogie for at least one dance. We always giggle and stare each other in the eyes and do awesome dance moves. Dancing in the streets is such a great tradition and something that I love doing with Brett.

Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky gave me this dress when it didn't fit her quite right. We have different "top" shapes, so it's awesome when something doesn't fit one of us perfectly, we just ship it off to each other! I sent her my "dance floral" dress a while back because I couldn't fit into it - and she pulls it off perfectly! This dress was the perfect little summer frock for dancing in the streets! I had another outfit planned, but Brett picked this one out instead! Perfect choice, Brett!

Here's just a sample of my kickin dance moves. No seriously. I'm the worst dancer everrrr. I'm like one of those side to side girls who claps her hands and moves her head to the music and also raises her hands in the air and goes "ooh ooh!" Brett and I were out there dancing tonight and saw the cutest grannies and grandpas dancing - and they were so good! Like Step Up 2: The Streets! ;)

Alright, I hate the new Flickr and I'm really frustrated right now. So! I'm going to bed! It won't let me just grab the URL to my image.. and then I can't just upload it easily through Blogger, so now my images are going to be spaced out all crazily. And I'm a crazy perfectionist, so this is just going to drive me nuts.. so I'll not sleep if I don't just cut myself off. Hopefully it looks alright on your computer. It's driving me insane on mine.. and it has taken me way longer to do this post than it should have! Bah!

Outfit details:

ModCloth The Brightside Dress via Delightfully Tacky
Forever21 headband
Madame Bovary Ring c/o ModCloth
Urban Outfitters flats