Salute to the Coast Guard

The ships are back in town! I imagined myself singing "The boys are back in town"! when I just typed that out. Oh brother! I'm hyper tonight. Brett was telling me to calm down in the car tonight because I was going nuts pinching him and tickling him! He always has to yell at me and tell him not to "distract the driver". Hehehe, old man! Anywho, off topic! Last night, Brett and I were tourists in our own town! We went down to the Coast Guard ships and took a free tour of them! Our town is packed right now - Coast Guard festival is always a crazy week. I love it!

I borrowed this so cute dress from Delightfully Tacky when I saw it on her post here. I was like, "Elizabeth, I need that for Coast Guard festival!" and of course, being the doll she is, sent it right over! I haven't worn these shoes in so long. I honestly bought them because Brett always used to wear Vans Authentics... and I thought he was the cutest guy in the world wearing them. So I bought some for me too! I don't look as cute as he does though in them. Mannnn! No fair.

It was so hot this night. Why I'm wearing a cardigan? Don't ask. I was a sweaty mess. But once you got onto the scoot and headed down by the lakeshore, it felt so amazing! After our ship tours, we headed up toward Chinook Pier and paid $1.50 each to take a trolley ride around our town. It's so fun. They have such funny jokes and it's always fun to be smarter than the tour guide sometimes! He didn't even know about the old lady in the big haunted house (wait until October for that one, I have some awesome autumn shoots planned!)

Why is Brett wearing a giant, mean gorilla on his t-shirt? Ugh. I've been trying to get him off the band t-shirt kick since we got married. No luck so far. It's the band - Gorilla Biscuits - but I'm sure most of you didn't know that and are thinking he's just sporting some weird gorilla t-shirt. Bahahah. I like his cute little UO shoes and rolled up jeans though! Plus, his lighthouse is clearly visible in this photo! I love his sleeve to pieces. I know it's weird, but it's like "home" to me when I see his tattoos. They've been there such a long time. My Grandpa had a Native American woman tattooed on his forearm and she aged with him as he got older and I just loved it.

Outfit details:

ModCloth Hello, Sailor Dress via Delightfully Tacky
The Limited cardigan
Vans Authentics shoes