Brucker beach

Sometimes when there are so many tourists from Coast Guard, it's really nice to get away from the traffic and people. It's fun living with Brett in his hometown because he knows of all the local, secret spots and private beaches. I've never been to Brucker Beach before, but there were gorgeous homes right on the lake and a private pathway down to the water. And usually the dune grass doesn't grow like this so much on the public beach because of all the dune hikers, it was so pretty to see such a undisturbed space!

This dress has been perfect for hot summer days. It's 100% cotton and is so light and free. I've been in love with longer lengths this summer. With my shorter dresses, it's always nice to pair some tights with them but in summer, just a knee-length dress that I can wear with bare legs and some strappy sandals is perfect. And this belt cinches at the waist, so I don't even need to wear a belt. I swear, belts are sweat-traps in the summer!

August is my favorite summer month. Some of the cooler winds come around, the waves get bigger, the atmosphere is just gorgeous. Summer ending is just a picturesque time. So it was nice to get out and enjoy a little bit of the warm sunset before summer is all of a sudden gone! I don't want it to go.. but I really do love autumn. But I'm so content in the moment right now!

Outfit details:

Going to San Francisco Dress in Petals c/o ModCloth
Division Chevron Necklace c/o Jess LC Jewelry
Urban Outfitters sandals