Summer heat

Phew! Summer heat! High eighties, low nineties, blaring sunshine! I've been roasting! My poor little Michigan skin isn't used to the high temps! I always get slack from a few of you with your 100+ degree temperatures saying you wish you had Michigan's weather. Teehee. It's so funny how we adjust to different climates wherever we live. Brett's band played with a band from Oklahoma City and they said this weather was cool feeling to them and refreshing! Haha!

This romper ended up being a bit long on me (or I'm too short!) so it looked sort of baggy. It looked odd on it's own, so I thought I'd pair a simple vest with it to go along with my newly thrifted cowboy boots! I really don't like anything country.. but it's fun trying different looks. Really feminine girly looks, rocker looks, countryish looks.. I like playing with different styles and seeing how I can embody them with my own style!

These photos were so awful to take! Mosquitos were insane and Brett and I were swatting them left and right and were like, "Hurry, hurry, let's get out of here!" and we quickly shot these and ran back to the car. I was freaking out because a huge bug got into my boots and cowboy boots are impossible to get off so I'm hopping along this dirt road trying to rip them off! I had to stick my leg into the car so that Brett could yank them off and I find a dead, squished bug on my leg. Ew! I swear.. the things I do for this blog! Hahaha!

Outfit details:

Grass Collection romper
Forever21 vest
Forever21 necklace
Rat-A-Tat Hat c/o ModCloth
Thrifted boots