The Guy Behind the Camera: 9th Edition!

Welcome to the 9th edition of my "Guy Behind the Camera" series! For new readers, I started this feature last winter because I wanted a way to showcase and feature some of the guys that take our outfit photos for us! I really appreciate Brett for all he has done for the blog - waiting patiently as I fling my coat over him in the winter to quickly snap a few in the blizzarding cold, swat bugs at his neck while I'm frolicking in some swampy area in a floppy hat or hop fences so I can get a totally illegal shot somewhere where we shouldn't be trespassing! He's been so awesome - and I couldn't be more thankful! First, we have Erika from Dear Dear Closet! She has been with her boyfriend, Pablo, for over 6 years! He's a graduated U.S. Marine - but before he left for boot camp, his love for being "behind the camera" led him to be her personal photographer! He is so patient for her - fulfilling her crazy take-pictures-of-me wishes! But he loves to explore, so they have a ton of fun together taking pictures in new places. He doesn't like to wait while she carefully treks through the grass/dirt in pretty shoes so he'll carry her and drop her where he wants - ha ha! Pablo knows exactly what he wants in a photo where Erika is indecisive - so it's like they say, "Opposites attract!" :)

Next we have, Kenzie from From Pacific to Atlantic! Her and her best friend, Aly, have started this blog together and it's just so darling! For Kenzie, her boyfriend Garrett takes all of her photos for her! She insists on seeing every picture right after he takes it - haha! He climbs up hills or drives all around town so that they can find a good place to take photos. When she started the blog, she was really shy in front of the camera, but Garrett pushed her to try different poses and angles until she finally became comfortable! He always makes her laugh whenever they take pictures together so that "everyone can see her beautiful smile"! Aww - that is so sweet!

Third, we have Lainey from Lainey Turns the Camera On! Not only is her husband, Geo, an amazing photographer, but he's one of the most patient guys you'll ever meet. It takes a lot to please her when it comes to photos she puts on the blog and so they usually spend a half an hour sometimes just to get the rights ones for her to choose from! He loves doing random photo shoots with her (he's a budding headshot photographer - and he said she makes the best model!) and since they are both in the entertainment business - he knows the right angles to make her look good. Hehe! They're always looking to find new ways to create photoshoots together! He's her ultimate partner in crime and she loves him so much - so sweet!

Next up - Lindsay from My Solitary Consignment! Her fiance, Caulen, takes all of her photos for her and even joins her in cross-state thrifting adventures! He love thrift stores as much as she does! Lindsay says that her blog just wouldn't be possible without him! He's so patient with an eye for outfit shots - he deserves to be in the spotlight! She just can't wait to marry him - so sweet!

And last up, we have Sarah from Sarah Ann Noel! She wanted to submit her husband because he's her best friend and he's amazing and so loving! What more could a girl ask for in a guy, right? She also has to throw in that he's so smart, funny and handsome too! They live together in the great city of Denver, CO with the cutest Australian Shepherd pup you ever will see, Roscoe. So cute, thanks Sarah for showing off your guy!

Well, that's it for the September feature of "Guy Behind the Camera"! If you would like to submit you and your guy, please send me an email at with your name, blog URL, a photo of you, a photo of him and a brief description on why you'd like to showcase your guy! If you enjoyed reading this feature, be sure to check out the first eight editions! I'll be back in October with five more awesome ladies and their guys behind the camera!