Last day in NYC

For our last day in NYC, Elizabeth and I didn't have any fashion-related events, which was kind of refreshing! So, of course, I wore my most comfortable outfit! We headed down to check out a couple of shops - checked out some vintage and got some expensive but yummy gelato from Grom! It was the perfect temperature - so we just walked back to our hotel. I honestly don't mind walking miles in the city - there's so much to look at!

If you follow my Twitter, you read about how I bought the most comfortable jeans on the planet. Seriously. I paid a nice penny for these ($70) which is awful for jeans (in my opinion) but I couldn't leave the store without these! They feel like jammies! They are Gap's version of the "jegging". So stretchy, but look just like a perfect pair of skinny jeans! I loveee them.

After walking around the city for a bit, we met up with Annie, Annie and Morgan to head out for a BBQ dinner at Hill Country. It was such a unique place for some good old fashioned barbeque! We had a giant plate of meat, sweet potatoes, collared greens and some very yummy cornbread! I washed it all down with a root-beer! Mmm! After saying our goodbyes, Elizabeth and I headed back to the hotel to pack up for our next day of travels home! Let me just say, it was amazing staying with Elizabeth all week. She's honestly one of my best friends - and she made the week 10x more awesome. Be sure to head over to her blog - she's about to leave on her Brave trip and she's going to have the best adventures EVER.

Outfit details:

Gap jeans
Express tee
Point the Way Button Up Shirt c/o Ruche
Urban Outfitters bag
Urban Outfitters flats