Renegade Blogger Meetup

For our second full day in NYC, we kicked it off right with the Renegade Blogger Meetup! It was such a great time. It was my first time ever in Central Park - which is so exciting. I always think of all of the movies (chick flicks) I've seen that were filmed in Central Park and get so excited. Enchanted, anyone?! Haha, I'm such a small town dork. This event was so great because I got to sit down and chat with so many bloggers! It's so fun to talk to readers and meet people who read my blog. It's weird to find out.. you're all real? Haha! ;)

I went with another typical Tieka outfit - florals, tights, my favorite wedges and an olive green cardigan. I figure if I'm going to meet everyone - it might as well be in an outfit I would typically wear any day on the blog, right? It was the perfect temperature for hanging out in Sheep Meadow. A little bit breezy, overcast at bits but lots of sunshine. The backdrop of the city was perfection!

Here I'm with Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky, Kim from Eat Sleep Wear and Erin from Calivintage. One of the best parts of blogger meetups is to see everyone you read all in one place, in one photo. It's too awesome! We had a really great turn out today too - devouring some super yummy cupcakes!

I absolutely adored Yaneldys from Out of Season Face. She emailed me back in July as a reader and it's just so fun to meet readers in the flesh! I'm always so overwhelmed at how awesome they all are. Seriously - I feel like all of my readers are just amazing, down to earth, totally awesome girls. I love that about you guys! (PS; I cannot believe I didn't get a photo with Danielle from Antiquated Treasures!) I met up and chatted with her for a bit at the IFB conference and she was amazing!

I, of course, love Morgan (and Lua!) from Morgan and Lua. Hehe! She has been totally awesome to talk to! We were able to catch up lots at the IFB conference after-party and today!

and of course, Annie, from Time Enough for Drums. She's been so perfect to room with these past couple of nights! After the meetup, we grabbed lunch at a diner and it was awesome to chat with her and chow down on some incredibly yummy sweet potato fries! Love this girl.

and my blogger bestieeee... Elizabeth. Looks perfect behind these red balloons!

And who couldn't adore and love Merl from Clyde's Rebirth? She's so real and down to earth and totally refreshing. She laughs at me for loving rom coms (thanks for that, Merl, I'm going to say rom com all the time (aka; romantic comedy)) Brett is going to want to murder meeee! Haha! So yeah, I had such a great time at the conference! Next post up? Fashion's Night Out!

Outfit details:

What's In A Name Rosy Dress c/o Ruche
H&M cardigan
Target tights
Urban Outfitters wedges