IFB Evolving Influence Conference

Phew, I'm in New York City for fashion week! What a whirlwind trip. Brett dropped me off to the airport last night and I honestly had tears.. I was so sad to leave him! But I'm so excited to be here. I met up with Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky and Annie from Time Enough for Drums at our hotel last night and it is so cute here! We are staying in the tiniest room ever and Elizabeth and I are like "ying-yang" in our twin bed that we're sharing - haha! But it's awesome. I'm having a lot of fun so far! We woke up super early this morning to get ready and head over to the Hudson Hotel for the IFB Evolving Influence Conference!

I'm absolutely loving hanging out with Elizabeth and Annie. It's so fun to read other girl's blogs and know them so well through their photos and writing that when you hang out with them, it's like you've been friends for forever. I mean, if you think about it, I'm almost 800 miles from home, staying in a hotel with girls I've only "met" once before and it's totally awesome! These two girls are amazing!

The IFB conference was a lot of fun! To be totally honest, I didn't walk away with any more knowledge than I already had, but that's alright. It was really interesting to hear bloggers talk, to be able to relate to them and to see so many people in the flesh. A lot of the panel speakers spoke about things I've already experienced in my blogging process. I truly feel like blogging is trial and error and you can only truly learn about your own blog through making mistakes or doing something right. A lot of the topics covered like being yourself, finding your niche, connecting to your audience - I've learned all of that through blogging every day for the past year. It's good to learn, but the best lessons you'll learn are from yourself!

After the conference, it was fun to catch up with people at the after-party. I was approached a few times today by amazing readers - I was honestly so flattered whenever a reader would come up and say they loved my blog! Thank you so much to the girls who came up and said hi! After that, we grabbed pizza downtown and are now sitting in our hotel room blogging. So typical! Tomorrow we're headed to the Renegade Blogger Meetup and to Fashion's Night Out!

Outfit details:

In The Shade Dress c/o ModCloth
Urban Outfitters bag
Urban Outfitters belt
Jeffrey Campbell heels