Gray skies ahead

It definitely looks like a typical November now in the mitten. Cold, gray, rainy. Ew. I want last year's weather - where I played in piles of leaves and enjoyed warm sunshine! Ah well, I'll have to start bundling up and layering more now. Yesterday, Brett and I took the back road out to the city for band practice. We're having so much fun with it - definitely one of the highlights of my week.

I really liked wearing this outfit! It was fun to bundle up and layer a bit and experiment with some new pieces. I know I get a lot of slack for wearing a lot of cardigans, but they are just so easy and comfortable in our temperatures in winter. Especially when winter hits full-force, there is no way you can't wear a cardigan.. or something under your jacket. You'll freeze! So I'm loving this long, chunky knit one. So comfy and warm! Stay warm with knitwear for women.

Well, I really need to get off my butt and go clean! The apartment is a disaster.. and I have a bunch of items to mail from my "Name your offer" sale I had on my shop a couple of nights ago! There are still some items left if you're looking to get some cheap things! I'm looking to clear up shop to make room for some new items! Also - there is a surprise giveaway coming later today! Stay tuned! And finally... I updated my music player with a new song. Geez, I've been slacking! I'm in love with this band right now.

Outfit details:

Whippersnapper Grandpa Cardigan c/o LuLu*s
Jeffrey Campbell Lace Wedge Boot c/o LuLu*s
Plaid, borrowed from Brett
Target tights
Denim Cutoff Shorts c/o Threadsence
Forever21 hat
Fingers of a Feather Ring c/o ModCloth