2010 Recap: Spring

Spring was one of the best times ever in my life. I was wrapping up my final few weeks of college and everything was just going so smoothly. I received a letter saying I won the studio excellence award for my major... and was so overwhelmed. I didn't take a second for granted! Spring began with a visit from my best friend, Jen, who lives in Colorado. She brought some 80 degree temperatures (in April, so crazy!) and we just spent the day outside - eating lunch and dinner both outdoors. It was just.. a wonderful day with her. Also, in April, I participated in a ModCloth Spring Fever Blogger Challenge - so fun!

In the middle of April, I went with Andrea to the Chicago Blogger Meetup. It was another gorgeous weekend weather-wise. We were so lucky last spring with weather! We went shopping all day and then met up at Quartino with the rest of the girls! It was so wonderful to meet so many lovely bloggers and spend the day with a great friend.

In early May, we headed over to Holland for their Tulip Time Festival - which is just gorgeous. It was my first time visiting Windmill Island and I was overwhelmed at the beauty of all of the tulips! Brett and I roamed the grounds, browsed wooden shoes and snapped photos in front of the giant windmill. So fun. I was also featured again in Who What Wear's Style Stalker feature!

Right around the same time, I was also announced a ModCloth Blogger of the Moment. It was such a big deal in my life - having a dress named after my blog! I was so thrilled to receive my very own dress and style it up with Brett. It was a really amazing thing for me, especially in such a wonderful time in my life.

And if things in my life couldn't be any better, I graduated from the best college in the world, with an amazing award. It was an amazing weekend. We had dinner for the studio excellence awards and it was overwhelming to accept the reward for studio excellence in my major. Tear! My department chair had the best speech - about me - and my blog - and my work at Kendall. Unbelievably awesome. The next day, graduating with my entire family there, hearing my mom's whistle from the stage as I accepted my diploma.. AH! Graduating from college is such an overwhelming experience, especially when I had the best college experience ever. I'd relive it all again in a second.

By the end of May, life started to slow down, which was so wonderful. I was so busy from classes, work and the blog that I didn't have a whole lot of time to just go out and do silly things and have fun with Brett. So in celebration of all good things happening, Brett and I went out and purchased two Genuine Buddy Scooters. They are amazing. They complete our lives. We wouldn't be Brett and Tieka without them. Haha!

In June, I took a little weekend mini-tour with Tall Ships, which was so much fun. They played Bled Fest, a show in Grand Rapids and a show in Chicago. Toward the middle of the month, Brett and I went and took one of our "monthly adventure trips" to St. Ignace, Michigan. Not the most exciting town, but we laugh about it now and how silly our trip was. We visited the Mystery Spot and a totally dorky maze, had my cell phone stolen, saw a few Native American museums, a fake lighthouse and ate dinner early and were asleep at our bed & breakfast by 8 pm. Haha! Also in June, I had my brutally awful wisdom teeth surgery. Ew, let's forget that tiny detail.

Alright, looks like I'll be doing two recaps tomorrow - summer and fall! I can't believe tomorrow is the last day of 2010. I hope you all have an amazing New Year's Eve - I can't wait to see what everyone wears! I'm thinking I'm going to have to bust out those ever-so-amazing... sparkle socks! Eee! See you tomorrow! ♥