2010 Recap: Summer

We started July out with a trip to Chicago for the day! It was the first time I was ever recognized in public by a reader, which was so awesome! We headed over to Navy Pier and spent the evening. It was Brett's first time! We also rode the ferris wheel! It was a great summer day.

This was most of our summer - just riding on our scooters all day long, all night long. We'd ride down the beach, go swimming, walk downtown, grab ice-cream everyday. I absolutely love summer living in Grand Haven - especially when our place is five minutes from the beach!

We spent a quiet Fourth of July with our good friend, Peter, and went and sat with Brett's parents for the fireworks. They always lay out blankets for us the night before and it's awesome to watch the musical fountain and fireworks together. The rest of July was spent at the beach, taking little trips down to Bear Cave and St. Joseph. I also celebrated my 24th birthday!

For our third anniversary, Brett and I planned a trip to the Upper Peninsula. We had always wanted to go! We booked the nicest hotels in the U.P. and really made a trip out of it. The first night, we went to Tahquamenon Falls. It was gorgeous and our hotel was right on Lake Superior. I absolutely adore the U.P.

The next few days were spent exploring the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. We took our time riding up there though - visited a shipwreck museum, explored a secret, hidden lighthouse and went to a bear ranch. At Pictured Rocks, we took a boat tour, saw shipwrecks, traveled to lots of waterfalls. It was an amazing trip. I loved it. Our last day was spent heading up to Marquette - eating at a yummy pizza place and seeing the black rocks. I want to go back again, soon!

September began - I took another trip to Chicago with Andrea for the Midwest Blogger Meetup. We ate at P.J. Clarke's and it was great to see everyone again and meet a few new faces. Afterwards, Andrea and I - of course - went shopping!

Then, I was off on an airplane for the first time by myself to New York City for fashion week! I was so proud of my independence! I stayed with Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky the whole week - and it was so much fun. We had the IFB Evolving Influence conference and the next day we had the Renegade Blogger Meetup in Central Park. It was such a great way to meet so many people in a low-key, park setting with cupcakes. Such a great memory!

Fashion's Night Out was such a great night with Elizabeth. We visited the Market Publique pop-up shop, first. Afterwards, we just walked for so long just checking everything out. NYC was packed! We even spotted Anna Wintour! We ended the night with mexican food and drinks. I loved that night.

The next day, we had the Chictopia Media-Tech summit - which was fantastic this year. I had such a great time. I got to see Jasmine - and hear her speak, which was so exciting! It was great to see everyone again and to learn a lot about what we all love so much - fashion and blogging.

After the conference was just a whirlwind because I was one of the Juicy Couture/Chictopia winners for a free trip to NYC and an outfit styled by Juicy! It was so amazing to be in the basement of Juicy being able to pick out anything I wanted. Kim, Jennie and I had such a great time! The party was amazing and I just loved spending time with such great friends!

After the huge whirlwind trip, I flew home and was so excited to be in a calmer setting of Michigan. I was exhausted! Brett and I went and explored ArtPrize for a few days, which is always the best. I was really excited for autumn to begin and life was changing a lot, but it was a really big time in my life!

Next up? October, November and December! Then, 2010 will be complete... and we'll move onto 2011 and all of the great memories that will happen in the new year. So excited for tonight at midnight!