Fortino's Candy Shop

We have a cute little shopping district in our town which is insanely lively in the summer, but still has a cute winter charm during the holidays! I love going to Fortino's all year long though. We always stop in for pops or to buy a few ounces of yummy chocolates Their milk chocolate turtles are my favorite. We went downtown to grab a bite and I wanted to stop here quick to fix my sweet tooth!

This definitely felt like a holiday-inspired look to me - I'm sure it's the tights mostly, but I honestly do love red tights any time of the year. Last year I wore them constantly in autumn - they are such a fun color to work with. I feel like red has been a favorite of mine since I've learned more about my personal style. Red lips, tights, dresses, cardigans. It just seems to work well.. maybe with my hair color? I don't know, but I always feel confident in red!

I really needed a black pair of boots this year, so I was super happy to receive these from Blowfish Shoes! They are super comfy and easy to put on - there is a long zipper in the back. They have a bit of an edgy feeling to them, which of course, I love. I think next I want to pair them with some knee-high slouchy socks or something of the sort! It hasn't been too bad this year, but usually salt stains are the worst in Michigan, so I can't buy anything suede.. so these work perfect.

Well, I'm so excited for the upcoming weekend. Tomorrow night, we have our fourth annual Christmas party. This year we're taking it low-key and having it at a friend's house in the city instead of our place. Our place is a little far for people to drive.. and we're just going to get some pizzas and stuff instead of cooking a big feast. It's probably because I'm just not feeling the holidays this year! I'm super bummed, but I've tried and I just can't force myself to be excited. Usually I can't pry away from ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas or Relient K's holiday album, but this year I cringe at the thought of either of those. Scrooge Tieka! Maybe this week that'll change? Let's hope so!

Outfit details:

Painted Ladies Dress c/o ModCloth
Target tights
Urban Outfitters cardigan
Jasper Boots c/o Blowfish Shoes