White holidays

Ooooooh, it has been so cold here! Freezing! It's to the point where I have to crawl in through the passenger door in my car because the doors are frozen shut. It's totally awful. Is spring here yet? I'd much rather romp around through fields of flowers in this dress instead of wearing my bulky winter coat over it constantly with my bright red gloves and gray circle scarf (classy, I know... that's how I roll this year apparently!)

I'm in love with anything knit this winter though, for real, so that's why I'm loving this knit hat. It's ultra big, so it covers my ears and keeps me extra toasty in our temps in the teens! It reminds me of oatmeal! Hehe. So, this outfit is very similar to my surroundings, right? I told you guys - I can't help it, even when I don't try, I blend. I'm a chameleon! This dress was a tad bit see-through, so I had to be extra careful to wear a tank-top underneath and make sure my tights covered my booty. We don't want to revisit this outfit now do we?

I just bought these boots from DSW - couldn't leave the store without them. I actually found them online, so I linked to them if you wanted to see them close up. Love them, especially paired with this ivory dress and burgundy tights (which you can't really tell in these photos; they look black!) Eeps, oh well. I'll have to grab another shot soon with them now that all of our snow is turned to ice. Oh boy, I'm so jealous of those of you with 60+ degree temperatures right now (yeah, that's right, I'm talking to you, Jasmine!)

Outfit details:

Messy Hair Tam c/o Chaos Knits
T.J.Maxx tights
Sweet Kathleen Dress c/o Ruche
Russet Belt in Brown c/o Shop Mamie
DSW boots