Harbourfront Place

It has been so cold lately! Granted, January is the "coldest month of the year". It was just insane to have a few 50 degree super-warm days over the new year to drop again back into the twenties with a wind chill that numbs your bones! You can tell you're totally freezing when your fists won't unclench. This was the day I was telling you about - that Brett was a total champ. I stood there staring at him - with my oversized coat on and this hat as he motioned for me to come over for photos. I stood there - staring at him - shaking my head no - fists clenched. Haha! I finally sucked it up for a few seconds, but it was brutal.

The Delightful Dozen did a little secret santa swap (by the time I get mine out, it will be a Valentine's day secret admirer gift!) and I was so excited to receive my gifts! I received this darling strapless floral print dress from Veronika over at Tick Tock Vintage! I also received some tights too! I was on double-duty since we had a new member come in - and I also have some amazing gifts to show off from Starr coming up soon! Can't wait! I love having blog girlfriends - it's one of the best parts about blogging.

I hope you all have fun and warm plans for the weekend! I'm very excited - I have a photo session coming up on Saturday that I've been looking forward to for weeks! I can't wait to show you guys what we've got up our sleeves - lots of wintry fun! Let's just hope we keep getting this pretty, fluffy snow over the next day! I ordered two new really cute dresses and a cape for the day too - they are supposed to arrive on Friday! Wee! ♥

Outfit details:

Scala Classico hat
Old Navy cardigan
Urban Outfitters belt
Target scarf
T.J.Maxx tights
Dress, gift from Tick Tock Vintage
Seychelles boots via Gilt