New Year's Eve

Happy new year, everyone! Can you believe it's 2011? So insane! I have been thinking hard at what my new year's resolutions are going to be. In 2009, I lost 35 pounds. In 2010, I graduated from college and landed the best job ever. So, I've decided to call 2011 the year of "the little things". With being so busy with work, classes and blogging, I've let some of the little things fall between the cracks. Little things like... a clean apartment, a clean car, organized cupboards, regular haircuts type of thing. So my resolution is to get on a schedule and start tying up those loose ends I've let come undone during my years of pure insanity!

So, if you follow my Twitter, you know I've been raving about my new glitter socks! I love them! I get stared at constantly in Michigan by girls in Ugg boots and North Face fleeces with leggings, but you know... it comes with the territory. I was actually inspired by some random girl in Chicago to wear these. I was in UO and she came in with her boyfriend and she was stunning. I couldn't stop staring - haha! She was wearing glitter socks with strappy heels, which I've also tried and really like!

Last year, in March, I tweeted a photo about this dress I desperately needed, but couldn't purchase in America! So my amazing international friend, Kate, offered to buy it for me and ship it overseas. How amazing is that? Well, it has been in my closet for months because I never knew of the right occasion to wear it! I finally thought - you can get away with anything on NYE, plus it was over 50 degrees here! So insanely warm! So here it is - finally!

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve out! Now we're back to a normal schedule! I'm kind of excited - those four day weeks for me dragged for some odd reason. I like five day work weeks - being in a routine. I feel more organized! I have some really fun things coming up in the blog this month. I'm SO excited to share! Psst... also! A reader asked me if I could start linking my currently playing to the band's myspace or website. If any of you have any other suggestions, definitely let me know! It was something I never thought of before or never thought you guys would like to have!

Outfit details:

Primark dress
Target tights
Forever21 socks
Heels c/o Juicy Couture