White River Lighthouse

I took an amazing fall color tour up to White River Lighthouse this weekend... on my scooter! I know I talk about it all of the time, but the weather this week has made my life so happy. As soon as I stepped outside today, I thought, "Scooter." I hopped on, headed north along the back roads and enjoyed the beautiful colors that Michigan is providing us right now! It's truly stunning outside!

I took one of my favorite back roads to get to the lighthouse too. It has so many gems including a beach with a hidden shipwreck, a historic hideout and beautiful colors. Can you tell I love this road? Give me an adventure to a lighthouse on a perfectly warm autumn day on my scooter and I'll be the happiest girl alive!

I loved exploring the White River Lighthouse. I've been here before, but this was the first time the museum and tower were open so I could climb! I absolutely love climbing up a lighthouse tower. I would love to be a lighthouse keeper and actually live in one. I talk about it all the time. I walk through it and think, "This would be my living room," and I always think, "This would be my studio!" How neat would that be, right?

I love the colors in this dress. Mixing black and navy is always challenging for me, but this dress does it for me! So that way I can pair black or navy tights, a black or navy cardigan... or whatever! Plus this burgundy color is one of my favorites right now too. I love all of the bright burgundy trees outside right now - so pretty.

This was my favorite Sunday in a long time. I have a really fun few weeks left of October planned for the blog. This upcoming week is full-blown autumn fun. Next weekend, I'm taking a big trip to the Upper Peninsula, so I'll have a bunch of photos from that. Then, the week after that, it might get a little scary around here! I have some exciting things planned. I can't wait. I just love this time of year.

Outfit details:

Drop a Line dress c/o ModCloth
Betsey Johnson tights
Forever 21 belt
Vintage Crown boots via DSW