Snowy fields

We finally received some real snow! It's not our first snowfall, but nothing has stuck this winter! Not that I'm complaining because I adored our extended autumn. But it is nice to see a bit of winter now that it's January. I made a huge winter inspiration Pinterest board and then it never snowed. I wonder if that's why... I jinxed myself this year by planning ahead!

I wore this outfit when Brett and I were out on Monday running a few errands. It's been so nice having long, extended weekends the past two weeks. Next week is going to seem so long with five work days! I've finally been trying to get into a routine since the new year. It's my goal to work out four times a week, stay on top of a schedule and plan ahead more. It really helps me to have a plan and to stay organized.

I'm trying to think of other new and exciting things to tell you guys about, but I just don't have much! I'm itching to take a trip soon. We always plan these amazing weekend trips in summer, but never think about it much in winter! Michigan is beautiful all year round, but I just think the winter mentality is "stay home". I really need to plan somewhere pretty to explore this time of year.

I'll have some other news about changes on the blog soon. I'm trying to streamline as much as I can in my life currently. I know it's probably the "new years resolutions" mentality, but I want more time for fun in my life. I also want more time to spend with Brett. I know we're married and we live together, but sometimes I really miss him! I want to be able to spend more time with him. So planning things out, getting rid of things that aren't benefiting my life and making decisions are all part of my plan this winter. I'm excited for the future!

Outfit details:

Woodsy Wonderland coat c/o ModCloth
Toasty warm cardigan c/o ThreadSence
Forever 21 body suit
Gap jeggings
Have it Down Pattern handbag c/o ModCloth
Forever 21 scarf
Target boots