Eva's Ice Cream Shop

Now that we're living in the city, I'm excited to seek out all of the fun, urban decay spots! Ever since I spotted this ice cream shop last summer, I've wanted to stop and take pictures. It was so amazing to get out of work today, take photos, head to the mall, eat dinner with a friend, head to band practice and be back home in pajamas all before 10 PM! Crazy, right? I'm going to have so much more time on my hands now. It's amazing!

I've been feeling so lazy lately with planning outfits that it felt nice to finally dress up today! Except I've been feeling even more lazy with doing my hair, so I went all natural. No product, no blow-dryer, no straightener. It's not as curly as it used to be when I was younger... but still pretty wavy! It's a nice alternative to the days I don't feel like spending an hour on it.

Tomorrow I'm getting a manicure and pedicure with a gift card I received from my best friend and I'm getting my hair done! It'll be a day of beauty. I'm really looking forward to it. We've spent so much time lately working on this apartment... it's exhausting! This place is a lot bigger than our old place and I want to repaint and redecorate every room. It's a ton of work and I'm too impatient to wait a few months to accomplish it all. I want a perfectly decorated apartment... now! Our bedroom is finally done though and I love how it turned out. I'll do a post on it before I leave for Texas (plus, my new closet is so perfect compared to my old one!)

Outfit details:

Nicola Chiffon blouse c/o Ruche
Forever 21 skirt
Beyond Love belt c/o Le Mode Accessories
Hue tights
Ship helm ring from Bonjour Bbydoll
Loxley Mary Jane wedges c/o Ruche