Memorial Day

Yay for long weekends! I've loved having four days off to recoup. I've spent a lot of time this weekend out with friends, seeing good bands, eating lots of food, watching movies and sleeping in tons. It was super desperately needed. Well, Memorial Day marks the "beginning" of summer, right? The weather is here to prove it. 90 degrees today. I'm currently in my studio just sweating it out. Don't worry, the cake batter ice-cream helped earlier today.

Spring flew by in two seconds, it felt like. I always feel a tad guilty running a personal style blog in summer because I dress so simply. In Michigan, the summers are always so hot and humid. All you ever feel like wearing is a simple cotton skirt/top or dress with sandals. I'll try to keep the creativity up, but don't expect much. ;)

I also just wanted to quickly say... thank you for your amazing support regarding my previous post. I've received over 200 emails from people who are going through the same situation or have gone through something similar. Most of the emails are 5-6 paragraphs long and insanely detailed and so heartfelt. There were several that brought me to tears. So thank you. I would love more than anything to respond to every single one, but I'm sorry if I can't. But I just wanted to say here that I read every single one (probably twice) and it means more than you know. Thank you.

Thank you to Lily for taking my photos!

Outfit details:

Peek-A-Boo tank c/o Sosie
Forever 21 skirt
Francesca's Collections bandeau
Warby Parker Preston Gimlet in Tortoise glasses
The Clara Bracelet c/o Vanessa Mooney
Outer Bank on It sandal in yellow c/o ModCloth