The Presque Isle Lighthouses

On the third day of our trip, we hit so much along the coast of Lake Huron. Our first stop was to head up to Presque Isle to see the two lighthouses - the old one and new one. I was so excited to see the old one because of the stories I've heard. There have been many reports of the old Presque Isle Lighthouse being haunted by the first and only lightkeeper, George. Even though the light has been long deactivated, George's ghost will come back once in a while to light the lamp.

When we were there, I was chatting with a super sweet old lady who was running the gift shop. I mentioned George the Ghost and she was like, "Oh yeah! He'll come by once in a while. I saw the light last summer and another couple saw the light this year." She was SO casual about it! I was dying. I absolutely loved it. This is actually one of my favorite lighthouses I've ever been to, just because it's so different. Usually you climb up winding metal staircases, but this was made of stone held up by a wooden pole. I just loved the atmosphere of this one.

After our time at Old Presque Isle, we drove up the road to the New Presque Isle lighthouse. This lighthouse is the tallest on Lake Huron and one of the tallest on the Great Lakes. This one is also haunted, the legend is that one of the past keepers locked his wife in the tower and she suffered from the severe isolation and went insane. Many claim to hear her when in the tower. Eric and I didn't hear her, but we did meet a guy that told us that the lighthouse "sways" in the wind when you get to the top. Talk about terrifying as we climbed to the top!

We didn't feel the sway, but it was pretty scary walking up because you can see all the way to the bottom through the staircase. We were both clutching the rail on the way up and down. But once you reached the top, it was a gorgeous view. You could see a lighthouse on a Canadian island and were also supposed to see a sunken shipwreck in the water (we couldn't spot it though). But yeah, we had to leave abruptly when I accidentally spilled Shipwreck Soda all over the floor and myself. Hah! You can't take me anywhere.

Outfit details:

American Apparel top
Forever 21 skirt
Llave necklace c/o Honey & Marrow
Sibling flats in Big Sis c/o ModCloth