Boardwalk on the lake

Happy November! I'm sad that my favorite month has come and gone already, but I'm excited for this month too. The past few years, November has shocked me with decent weather and sunshine so I'm hoping this year comes around! Most of the colors are gone from the trees, but we still have occasional spots to enjoy. This spot on Reeds Lake is lovely to walk. I'm really looking forward to settling down a bit more, fixing up my apartment, getting back into shape and accomplishing mini goals like reading a new book, watching an old movie and celebrating Thanksgiving with family at the end of the month. I really need to start enjoying the more simple things in life. They honestly make me the most happy.

When Eric and I were taking a stroll, we spotted a family walking a full-sized Winny! I got so excited. I love this little pup and I'm so excited to see her grow. I've been feeling like such a bad pup mom lately with working full-time and having such a busy week. I always try to get her out for a long walk, but sometimes it's so hard! She's a bottle of crazy right now too. We're still working on potty-training, she's definitely teething and wants to chew every sock and shoe in sight and barks at you like crazy when you don't give her attention for five minutes. The joys of having a puppy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Eric and I love her tons and tons.

This was a pretty casual Sunday outfit. We headed to the mall to do some shopping, ran to the grocery store and stopped to Anthropologie to pick up a few knobs on sale. I've had this old piece of wood sitting outside for forever and finally brought it in. We tried to make a bench out of it, but it's just too narrow. So I'm going to put all different knobs on it and turn it into a coat hanger for the entryway! I'm too excited. I'll be sure to share pictures when it's done. I'm hoping to blog more on each room of my apartment as I finish it. I love the historic elements to this place, but it just needs a lot of work and it's always a bummer fixing up a place you don't own. I can't wait to someday own my own home.

Other than that, not much else is new. Circle Maybe is playing a show tomorrow, so I'm excited for that. A Friday night out with friends and music sounds perfect. This weekend is going to be pretty rough though, because Eric and I are doing this crazy 7-day diet/cleanse. I got through today with only fruits (ah!) but we'll see how I do. I plan on blogging about the results. Hopefully they are good! I just need a kickstart to get back into eating less and healthier. I even got a gym membership and was able to run a mile today after not working out since last February. Eeep! Well have a great weekend, everyone!

Outfit details:
Gap jeans
Top borrowed from Bonjour Bbydoll