Peek at our apartment

We haven't finished buying all of the furniture and everything we want yet, but our apartment has come a long way in the past month! It's difficult to be a renter, because you're really limited on what you can decorate. We can't paint or fix up anything, so I'm just trying to invest in pieces we can take with us when we move out someday. My next big ticket items are a new couch, coffee table and end-tables. After that, I think I'll be pretty content with furniture. I've been trying to mix a lot of patterns in fabric to add interest in the apartment. I've also been working at adding more of our lives into our surroundings - like prints from our city and our photographs of Michigan. It's certainly a process, but I'm finally feeling a bit more at home here! Enjoy a peek at our place!

Winny finally just learned how to go down the stairs! She stays up against the wall the entire way down and it's so adorable. She's such a good pup.