February in Instagram

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Yay! February is nearly done! Not that this wasn't a good month, but I'm just more than ready for spring. It was freezing and the snow didn't let up whatsoever, but oh well. It's winter. Thank goodness it was a short month though. As for goals, I accomplished a couple off my resolutions list. I paid off all of my miscellaneous debt (yay!) and stuck to WW. Although I didn't lose any significant weight this month, I maintained what I lost in January and that's never a bad thing. We also made major progress on our living room decor. This month was fun with our quick weekend in NYC for fashion week, lots of cozy nights staying in and watching movies, celebrating a romantic Valentine's Day out and I think we finally finished potty-training Winny! That's a serious joy. Ha!

  • I've been loving hot soy chai tea lattes this month. Eric likes them iced.
  • We flew to NYC for fashion week!
  • And we had a blast running around the city, even during Nemo.
  • We're making progress on our apartment - baby steps!
  • We paid a little visit to a park and watched the ducks for a while. Felt almost like spring.
  • We did a few DIY projects this month! I repainted this little end-table a mint color, and we built our own chalkboard frame for above the fireplace.
  • Winny has been taking lots of car rides with us lately and is so good. I just love her. She's such a sweet puppy.
  • My weekdays are spent full-time at the office; new accessories make me a happy gal.
  • And I've been bundled up in this new cozy cardigan all month. Seriously. I wear it at least 2-3x a week. 

I'm really excited for March. It contains a new season - whether it arrives on time or not, I'm happy that we're so close. In March, my goals are to do some major spring cleaning and organizing, re-open my closet shop, get back on track with WW and lose another 5 pounds, continue training for my race, finish a few more apartment/DIY projects and pay down one of my credit cards to half. Phew, I'm getting there! xo