Pal's Diner

Tonight, Eric and I paid a visit to the most amazing diner I've ever been to! Seriously, I was absolutely in love and gushing over every little thing. It's called Pal's Diner, and it's right in Grand Rapids. This little place was built in 1954 in New Jersey! It was moved in one piece in 1993 to Grand Rapids. According to the owners, if you're lucky enough to snag the seat across from the soda fountain, you're in the favorite seat of the legendary Les Paul who ate here quite often when it was in NJ! It's literally like you step back into time when you go inside. Everything is pink, it has panoramic windows, a mirrored ceiling and the neon exterior clock is original and still keeping time! I love this place so much!

I always knew Pal's was in Grand Rapids but honestly hadn't heard of how awesome it was. The food was really good diner food (I'm a sucker for chicken fingers and burgers, ha!) and their cherry milkshake was delicious. Eric and I split one... I'm trying to be good! But yeah, I was in love and never wanted to leave. I definitely want to come back in summer and take more pictures. Maybe I can find a cute pink dress! I felt like this dress from Tailor & Stylist felt really 50s and fit in perfectly with the setting!

Excuse my wrinkles, we darted here immediately after I got out of the office. It's light enough to take photos after work now, but it still gets dark pretty quick. I'll just be so happy when the sun sets around 9 and I can take my sweet time with photos. That'll be the day! Well, tomorrow is March! The month of spring! The month of average temperatures of 44! Wee! I'm overjoyed. I just need to really kick butt this month so I feel confident rocking some bare legs in April. Work it!

But yeah if you're ever in the Grand Rapids area, this is a place I'd seriously recommend to check out. Especially if you love corny, historical, cutesy crap like I do. And even though everything is pink, you can still drag a guy because they have burgers and root beer. Eric was pleased! Be sure to check out my Rosie's Diner post too! It's not a place you can eat at (it's been closed for a while now) but it's still pretty amazing to see if you're driving through the area! Have a good weekend! xo

Outfit details:

Dotted Lucille Dress c/o Tailor and Stylist
Urban Outfitters belt
Target tights
Forever21 rings
Talking Picture shoes c/o ModCloth