March wishlist

It's the month of spring! I'm so excited for March. I know there are still mountains of snow outside right now, but it contains a new season. I'm over the moon about that. We're so close! I'm totally 100% DONE shopping for winter. I've even given up my winter boots and started busting out my flats. I'm over it! So anything I buy from now on (until next autumn of course, ha!) will be made for warm weather. I'm really loving brights right now. It's something I don't have enough of in my wardrobe, so I'm excited to incorporate more pieces. Especially more versatile solid pieces, that's why I love these yellow and orange dresses from ModCloth. Mint, coral, orange and yellow are some of my favorite colors for spring. I'd also love to invest in some bright makeup from Purely You Minerals - pink lipsrosy cheeks. I also just discovered Ruche's pet section! Winny would love this little vintage mailman toy, although if she ever encountered a real mailman, she'd probably just give him lots of kisses instead of bites. Ha! Happy almost Spring!