Casual Saturday

Today was a really great, relaxing day. Eric let me sleep in until 11 (what!) and then we cuddled on the couch with Winny for the morning. We grabbed brunch at a favorite 24-hour diner, Grand Coney. I ordered their breakfast sandwich for the first time and it was really good. We ran an errand to get Eric's guitar fixed, walked around the mall for a bit and then went to see Argo finally. I really enjoyed it! I was on pins and needles at some points though - ha! Now I think we're heading out for a chill night at our favorite pub, or staying in and ordering a pizza. Either way, today was perfect.

I'm honestly all about the simple life. Like grabbing brunch on Saturdays, having a slow day, catching an afternoon movie, not having crazy plans all the time, cuddling with Winny, playing Super Nintendo when I want, spending a quiet night at home with a pizza or running into all of our friends at our favorite bars. It's one of the biggest reasons I stayed in Michigan after college too. I just want a simple life in a small city that I adore. Plus, being so close to everything I truly love like Lake Michigan, adventures I've had in this state and family. I'm truly content here. I was being interviewed the other day and was asked, "What really excites you about your future?" And I honestly laughed and said, "Staying here and growing old in Michigan with my career that I love, my family and the house that I someday buy and hope to stay in forever." Silly, right?

Well tomorrow's agenda holds a lot of to-do's. We finally evicted our roommate squirrel, so now that I can go downstairs I have a mountain of laundry to finish up. I also got the prints in the mail for my gallery wall, so we'll be hanging that. I need to clean, catch up on a few more outfit posts and plan for the new week. I'm so thrilled it's March. We have so many fun plans this month and the weather already seems like spring is arriving soon. Have a great and relaxing rest of your weekend! I'll be back soon with some photos from a local fashion event I attended on Friday!

Outfit details:
J Brand Jeans c/o Lucky FABB