Nunica Cemetery

Last weekend, Eric and I drove out of town to explore a haunted cemetery called Nunica Cemetery. It was built in 1883, and ghost hunters believe it's one of the most haunted cemeteries in the state. Many ghost hunters consider this place to be "very active". There have been several stories reported here. One woman claimed she was walking through and felt her hand turn really cold, even though it was a 70-degree day. She claims it was the ghost of a child grabbing onto her hand. Oooh!

The terrain is very uneven, and the location is really secluded. We almost drove right past the entrance! You can drive around a dirt road through the cemetery, and there are a lot of low hanging trees and crooked branches. Ghost hunters have reported cold temperature spots, orbs, voices and one of the ghosts, a lady in white. There is also a man known as "Mr. Bond". Apparently people know of his name, because they have communicated with him. There are also rumors that by the road is an old Native American burial ground.

We didn't spot any orbs or ghosts on our trip, but I can only imagine how creepy this cemetery must be at night. There are several haunted (and amazing) cemeteries in Michigan. There are a few more I'd love to explore! I'll be doing a little recap on all of my haunted posts on Wednesday, so stay tuned if you're looking to read some ghost stories on Halloween Eve! :)

Of the 1,600 gravestones, one is made entirely of wood. It's the first gravestone I've seen like this! It's  inscribed with only the name "Emily" and what appears to be the dates March 11, 1817 to February 20, 1896. There were many quirky gravestones in this cemetery, some of which were handmade during a time when the town allowed that to happen. Have any of you checked out any local creepy cemeteries in your towns recently? I love to hear ghost stories!