Autumn neighborhood

I'm so in love with this season right now. Usually October is where you see all of the fall foliage, but it's really stuck around this November. The streets are covered in fallen leaves and the trees are so red, orange and yellow. Ugh. Can this time of year just please never end? The only very challenging part about life now is that pesky daylight savings time ended. By the time I'm out of work, it's completely dark outside! Eric and I quickly scrambled to take these after work on Monday and it was a challenge. So excuse any blurriness! It's back to the harsh winter months of taking photos on the weekends. Boo.

I'm excited to feature this tote from a local company based out of Grand Rapids called Teamwork Bags. They started in 2006, and now it's a team of three guys making cool stuff from reclaimed material right here in the city. The tote that I'm styling is from all reclaimed Wolverine Worldwide shoe leather (another local brand that I'm a major supporter of). The totes are all hand sewn with hand oiled leather straps. I can definitely tell that my tote is handmade, but in a perfectionist way. It totally feels like a one-of-a-kind, and I carry it with me everywhere lately. I'm always excited to support local companies, especially ones that care so much about staying local and using resources that have a history. Be sure to check them out! The tote I'm styling up here is their charcoal leather tote.

I've been trying to find excuses to not wear jeans every single day lately, but I'm just coming up short. Every morning… I look at my dresses and I think, hm… nah, jeans. And this giant, amazing cardigan. And my favorite, coziest black tee. I wore this maybe three days in a row. And I'm wearing it now as we speak, and I didn't even wear this to work today. That's one thing about having an 8-5 job is that you have to see people everyday and they know if you wear the same cardigan 4 days in a row. That's a good thing for the rest of my closet, I guess!

Outfit details:
Kali Sweater ℅ BB Dakota
Thrifted belt
Forever21 necklace
Leather Tote in Charcoal ℅ Teamwork Bags