November in Instagram

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November has been a great (and busy!) month. I had a lot of fun plans, which was awesome. Especially because I got to spend all of them with amazing people. Productivity-wise, I wasn't quite there this month. I didn't do half the blog posts I was supposed to do (darn daylight savings ending) and so that means I need to work a little bit harder in December to get where I want to be. But! I can't complain about good memories with friends and family this month though. Nothing beats that, right?

  • I did a month-long collaboration in styling outfits with Frances Jaye!
  • I hosted an amazing weekend with local bloggers and Maurices right here in GR.
  • Eric joined me for a holiday style post; I love him entirely too much.
  • I celebrated three-years at my job with this gal. I'm so thankful to have my career.
  • We spent a night with Samantha Pleet! Talk about a dream, right?
  • I hosted a holiday event at Frances Jaye!
  • We said goodbye to autumn with lots of snow…
  • We hosted a huge Friendsgiving celebration at our apartment.
  • And we celebrated Thanksgiving with family, and snow flurries! Ah!

In November, I did great with finances paying off a credit card, and starting a savings account for a house down-payment. I want to continue building on our savings in December, going through the apartment and organizing before the new year, to finish reading a book, to get completely ready to start kicking butt on goals for the new year. I know it's so cliche to rely on starting big goals as new year's resolutions… but I've had huge success with it in the past, so I know it just works for me. It just feels like a legitimate fresh start for whatever corny reason. I'm so ready for the new year to begin! But in the meantime, I'm excited to enjoy the holidays this month. I really do love this time of year.