Spring is near

Hey guys! I bet you're wondering what I’m doing all the way down here. I’ve decided to write less. What! Tieka, you’re a blogger! I know. But I’m really not a writer. And sometimes I just don’t have much to say. I remember when I was being interviewed for my job, they asked me if I was a writer. I said, you know... I like writing. I really do. But mostly just to give my designs or photos a story. I loved creative writing in college. English was my favorite subject in school. And I'm a grammar nutcase. It drives me batty when people confuse you're and your, among many other things. But that doesn’t mean I have to write four or five long paragraphs of text in each of my blog posts. So instead of boring you with the weather, or how I’ve increased my running mileage by 0.5 this week, I’ll just give you a brief snapshot of what’s going on. Here’s to blogging more, writing less, and putting the focus on what I truly care about—personal style, photography, traveling to fun locations, adventures and living life. As always, feel free to have a conversation with me in the comments + I’ll reply! xo

Outfit details:

Aria Clock Long-Strand Necklace ℅ Aeropostale
Lola Core Black Wash Jegging ℅ Aeropostale
Sheer Popover Top ℅ Aeropostale
Forever21 rings
Samantha Pleet Blixen Boots ℅ Wolverine 1000 Mile