Spring apartment updates

Hi friends! I thought I'd pop in with some spring apartment updates Eric and I have been working on. I'm kind of home-decor obsessed right now. Definitely more than outfits, or fashion right now. But, I do have some spring outfits coming up! Plus, we're headed to Nashville next weekend and there will be a few posts coming out of that. I just hope you guys have a zillion interests like I do, and can be interested in fashion, travel, home decor, food, and whatever else I feel like blogging about these days. Anyway... onto the updates! If you haven't learned this about me yet, I just discovered World Market like a month ago, and I think I've been there at least 20 times. Haha. I'm obsessed. I love everything in there! So we've updated a lot from WM, plus we took a trip to IKEA!

I've been trying to keep fresh flowers in the house for spring! I got this bundle of baby's breath for Wine Club a few weeks ago, and they are still hanging on for life! The biggest news in our apartment is that we got a new couch! I'm so excited. We went to IKEA with the intention of buying a couch, but weren't sure which one we were going to go with. We decided to go with the KIVIK sofa, with a chaise lounge. It's just as big as our old couch, but way more clean and sturdy. I hated the old cushions on our couch, and it was so old. I love this new couch. It really makes a huge difference in our living room.

I decided to throw away some of our old throw blankets, and get a few new ones! I got the green multicolored one from World Market, and the super cozy white one from IKEA. I've also been loving this linen spray from WM, and their scented candles too. Plus, everything is seriously so affordable. And I promise this post is not sponsored by WM, I'm just seriously in love. Haha!

I've also recently updated my office area! Our apartment has somewhat of a strange layout, and as soon as you walk in from the front door, you're in the entryway, which is also the office. Our house is an old Heritage Hill house that was converted into two apartments, so I'm guessing this room used to be a grand entryway back in the day. I decided to do another mini gallery wall in this room, because I had so many great prints I wanted to see everyday. I love how it turned out! It's a bit more colorful than my other gallery wall, and it's perfect for my office. Someday I'd love to have an all-white office, with pops of color in the rug/gallery wall/books, etc. But this maroon paint will have to do for now. Renter's woes. ;)

We haven't done a ton to the kitchen area, but I have been collecting more and more succulents for my little succulent garden behind the sink! I love having plants to look at while I'm cleaning up the kitchen, or washing dishes in the sink. Plus they are super easy to water, because they are so close to the faucet. I also picked up some chalkboard labels for our IKEA containers to label baking items. I hate keeping sugar in their original bags, because they end up spilling everywhere! So I'm happy I switched them all over. I also got a new Michigan cutting board from my dear friend, Mani, for Christmas. I love it! I love that our apartment pretty much has Michigan touches in every room.

Last but not least, I thrifted these old chairs from a local thrift shop and painted them white for our back patio! They were really worn and a darker brown before. We also found this table from Home Depot to go along with them. I'm not totally sure how I'm feeling about the white/brown mix right now, but since the table was brand new, I didn't want to paint it white. At least not yet. ;) We also got a new grill from my Dad for Christmas, so that's all set up. We grilled last night and it was perfection!

Hope you enjoyed the apartment update! I think that's about all I'm going to take on, at least until after the wedding or until we buy a house. My goal is to keep saving, saving, saving, and be able to start looking at buying a house next summer. The good thing is... I absolutely love our apartment, so I can be super picky on what house I want to buy because I'm not in ANY rush to leave this place! I'll list a few relevant items below if you're interested in shopping anything! xo