Thanksgiving Thank-a-thon!

First and foremost, I'm so thankful for Brett. He's my best friend of all time. He's honestly the best person I've ever known in my entire life.. and he's my husband. I am so excited every single day that we're married. We are having the time of our lives. We've had the best relationship out of every relationship in my life. We talk about everything, we giggle and tickle each other, love to do everything together, miss each other after a day of not seeing each other.. and I'll never take a day for granted that I have with him.

I'm so thankful for home. Being in Michigan is where I'm meant to be and I couldn't be more grateful for the wonderful town and state I live in. I never take it for granted (maybe when it's 20 and blizzarding) but honestly those winter days define me. So do the gorgeous autumn days and the amazing feeling when spring arrives and the longing and never wanting them to go away summer days. I have had so much fun here and I'll have so much fun here in my future.

I'm so thankful for family. My family has been so amazing and supportive and wonderful throughout all the years. I wouldn't be where I am today without them. They define who I am, who Brett is, what our lives are about. I can always go to our families when we need them for anything. We love them so entirely much and are super thankful for them!

I'm so thankful for music. Music has been such a huge part of my life and I wouldn't be anything like I am today without it. I grew up in such a strong music community, where people supported each other and it was the best experience ever growing up. Especially thankful for Skelletones existing. (Farewell pictured, below.)

I'm so thankful for art. I go to an art and design college, I'm in love with art and what it's done for our city, for my friends, for my life. My best friend is an art teacher at an amazing school, I was able to get through a bachelor's degree because I loved what I was doing, it makes our city an amazing place to be (especially during Art Prize) and it's just one of the best things in my life. Whether it be fashion, photography, graphic design, fine art, drawing, art history, crafts or just art appreciation.. I'm in love.

I'm so thankful for friends. We have some so amazing friends. The ones we've had for years and know we'll always have in our lives in the future. Brett and I have spent so much time with these people and (I'm saying this about everything I swear...!) but they honestly make us much better people. We have so many amazing memories and can count on them for anything.

(andrea has definitely been one of my best friends)

(the tall ships gang is the best)

(and jen, the most wonderful person ever, i miss her so much)

And last but not least, I'm thankful for the beauty in this world. I know that sounds so corny and cliche, but as soon as I realized that drama was just so unnecessary and I grew up into an adult, I've just been so grateful for how amazing this world is. Life is so much fun, it's so beautiful and it's such a growing process into becoming the best person you can become. Life is wonderful.

Thanks so much to for inspiring me to make this blog post. Be sure to check out their blog for lots of goodies every single day. One of my favorite blogs to read. Love you all, safe travels if you're heading out for Thanksgiving!