What's in my bag?

I got this from Elsie's blog A Beautiful Mess and thought I'd do one myself! After looking at her highly cute and unique purse belongings, I felt nerdy even taking photos of what I carry in my huge unnecessary oversized bag. But! I thought maybe you'd like to see anyway. I wonder if what's in your purse reflects who you are. It's possible! I'm totally bare minimalist, in a lot of ways and my purse contents totally show that. Anyway, here ya go!

Burt's bees chapstick, cell phone, ibuprofen, ralph perfume, liz&co faux snake skin wallet, hand sanitizer from dad's workplace, pink marker, blue pen, crystal light classic orange mix (mmm so good!), my favorite gold f21 ring, my huge old school planner, lotion, my coin purse I got on our honeymoon and c.o. bigelow mint lip gloss (a total favorite!)

I was in Barnes N' Noble the other day looking through The Sartorialist book the other day and I heard a song playing, which just sounded lovely. So, per usual, I lurked the lyrics, wrote them down and googled them tonight. It's called Owl City and the song is Fireflies. Feels like the middle school girl in me, but I'm in love with The Postal Service and I read that Owl City is highly influenced by them, so it's a fun listen.