Sturgeon Point Lighthouse

On the second day of our trip, Eric and I left Tawas City and headed north on US 23 toward Alpena. It was such a good road-trip drive! There were so many things to see on the way. Dinosaur gardens, state parks, beaches, I loved it. Most of the time you were driving, you were right next to Lake Huron with a perfect view. Of course, along the way, we stopped at Sturgeon Point Lighthouse. 

Sturgeon Point Lighthouse was built in 1869. It was originally established to ward off ships from a reef that extends out into Lake Huron. It's a great historic example of a Cape Cod style lighthouse. When you first walk up to the park, you see the old 1907 one-room Bailey schoolhouse. It was moved here in 1998. We explored that for a while, spoke to the tour guide and headed on the trail toward the lighthouse.

This was our first lighthouse we were able to climb up on the trip! Climbing lighthouse towers is one of my favorite things to do. You feel like you're on a mini adventure when you're climbing, especially when you have to duck through to get to the top. Then, once you're up there, you see the most incredible views. There was a lighthouse guide up there that greeted us. He told us that the historic Fresnel lens was insured for $8.7 million. Isn't that insane? 

When I was looking up pictures of the lighthouse, I thought this dress would match perfectly. Of course, I was way over-dressed for the occasion, but who wouldn't want to visit a lighthouse in a pretty dress? The last time I wore this dress on the blog, it was in the middle of winter for a ModCloth debut. I love seeing how my different clothes transition from season to season. Now I need to figure out a fun fall setting. Can you guys believe that some of the leaves are already changing here?

Outfit details:

ModCloth What a Debut dress
Naked flats c/o Blowfish Shoes