Tawas Point Lighthouse

As most of you already know, I took a trip this past weekend with Eric to the Sunrise Coast! I've been wanting to travel out to this side of the state for a long time now and I'm excited that I finally had the chance to. Thank you, Eric, for indulging me in my passion for traveling around the state and having these adventures. I had a really great weekend - a needed weekend - and it was good to get away for a while. It gives you time to reflect and think about your life. It also made me realize that I won't stop doing the things I love, and I will bring anyone in my life who wants to be part of these adventures with me. Do the things you love with the people you love. Those are the best memories you'll make.

For those of you who don't know Michigan very well, Sunrise Coast is the northeast corner of the lower peninsula. I followed the trip pretty closely to one of my favorite travel books, actually. We started in Tawas Bay and made our way north until we hit Rogers City. We saw five lighthouses altogether and I'll be blogging about all of them... and this is the first of five! This one is called Tawas Point Lighthouse. It was built in 1853. We got there right at sunset and it was so beautiful. We weren't able to climb the tower on this one, but just seeing the outside was enough for me.

I did some major research on each location to plan my outfits, of course. I've started this "trend" on my blog, I'm going to try and continue it! It's a fun challenge and I always love how my photos turn out when I actually get it right. I had all of my outfits on my bed, laid out, with sticky notes for each location. I get a kick out of this and have so much fun doing it. You know those little old grannies wearing their festive and totally spot-on to their setting outfits? That will totes be me. 

So, I figured out that I've only seen about 10% of Michigan's lighthouses. Isn't that crazy? There are over 150 and I've only seen 15. It's an odd feeling thinking only 15 because I grew up surrounded by them. Both my hometown and Grand Haven have a couple lighthouses each. I see them every summer at every beach visit. It's a goal of mine to try and see every accessible one in Michigan. Some are stationed in the middle of the Great Lakes or are located on islands and they require boat trips, so it'll be a challenge... but one I'd love to try!

Outfit details:

Cue the Compliments dress c/o ModCloth
Strut Confetti Cake top
Outer Bank on It sandal in yellow c/o ModCloth