Bruce Mansion

On Saturday night, Eric and I took a trip out to the east side of Michigan. I've heard stories of this insanely haunted mansion up in Brown City and was dying to see it. I looked it up online and saw the photos of the house and read a few reports about hauntings here. We got off an exit off the main highway and headed north. It felt like we drove forever on this back, dark country road. I read it was located on the Burnside Corners. As soon as we reached the mansion, we pulled over to the side of the road. It was like... it came out of nowhere. Just a huge, creepy mansion sitting in the middle of these vast cornfields. Leaves were rustling in the yard, the sun was setting beyond the cornstalks and a huge gust of wind blew through us as we approached the house.

As we approached, we noticed lights were flickering in the attic of the mansion. Apparently legend has it, there is a ghost of a man haunting the attic. Residents would always hear his footsteps up there. The house was built in 1876 by a lumber baron, John Bruce. The mansion was supposedly a hot spot for many parties, celebrations and social gatherings in the town. Now, 130 years later, the activity continues. Eric and I spotted a man standing in the front yard, wearing a suit with a top hat. When we tried to approach him to ask him about the history of the house, he just kept looking down... and when we blinked, he was gone. Oh my gosh, we grabbed Winny and ran back to our car and left. I swear... we must have seen the ghost of John Bruce himself!

Hehe! So a couple years ago, I ran a series of "spooky" posts about haunted spots in Michigan on my blog and you guys loved it. So here I am again, up to my old antics! This house was actually located on a corner of probably the busiest part in this tiny town, right next to a gas station. The new owners of the Bruce Mansion actually turned it into "The Dark House" which is a haunted house for kids and families. We were so hoping it was abandoned and we would sneak in somehow. There have been reports of hauntings here and the house was insanely creepy looking. But as soon as we left, we grabbed snacks from the gas station and headed home. Haha! Happy Halloween, everyone!

Outfit details:

Dress swap with Bonjour Bbydoll
Champion Bowler Hat c/o ModCloth
Target tights
Brave Boots c/o Wanted