Hell, Michigan

This past weekend, Eric and I went to Hell. Haha, really! It's a real town in Michigan! It's honestly the smallest little town (just a tad bigger than Central Park). If you looked down for a second, you might miss it while driving past. Hell is really only a couple of buildings - a small general store called Hell in a Handbasket, an ice-cream parlor called Screams Ice Cream and a dive bar called the Dam Site Inn. Hell Creek runs through the town and over a dam. Dam in Hell, haha! This town provides literally nothing but kitsch. We spent a couple of hours there eating at the bar, walking Winny around looking at the terribly corny signs and getting ice-cream at the Creamatory. I have to admit though, it was a fun experience!

Literally the only reason to go to Hell is if you're as corny as I am or you just want to say you've been there. BUT! If you're interested, here is a fun list of things to do: be Mayor of Hell for the Day (yes, you just write your name on the whiteboard), get married in the Hell Chapel, play putt-putt golf, eat ice-cream, shop for Halloween all-year round, mail a letter from Hell, eat a gravy bowl at the dive bar and lock your love on the bridge (yes, you can bring your own padlock and key and lock your love on the bridge; you'll even receive a certificate from the mayor!) Why didn't Eric and I do this?! Also, we spotted a chapel and were like... what is this? Apparently you can get married in Hell and take your picture outside in the "til death do us part" face hole sign! Hah!

I actually found out about Hell, Michigan from my beloved Weird Michigan book. There was a wall mural in the book that I couldn't wait to take photos by. I've actually been thinking about and planning on visiting here for years. We searched all over Hell (which is literally like... looking around standing in one spot) and couldn't find the mural. Then, I spotted a wall where the building was the same exact shape and noticed they moved one of the signs and covered the rest of the wall with this wood paneling. If you peek through the panels, you can still see it. I was so bummed! Here's how it looked originally.

Well... that was our adventure in Hell! Also a fun fact? To get to another town called Paradise, Michigan and back down to Hell, it's almost exactly 666 miles. Oooooh! Check out a video here that the Travel Channel did on Hell a few years ago. I hope you all had a super fun Halloween weekend! I'll be back for more spoooooky posts and a chance for you to win your own adventure tomorrow on the blog. See you then! xo

Outfit details:

Stylish Ever Crafter dress c/o ModCloth
Target tights
Dolce Vita shoes via T.J. Maxx