Summer swamp

Eric and I headed out for a drive around Reeds Lake and stopped to snap these photos. Our weather has finally cooled down, and our seventy degree temperatures feel pretty perfect. I always look forward to autumn, but right now I'm just loving summer. We still have so many fun plans left in August, and I'm really excited. I can't believe we've been at our new place for almost a full month now too. I think at this point, I'll just plan on finishing unpacking this winter when there's nothing fun to do!

Last night, Eric's band played at Founders Brewing. I loved it. My best friend, Jen, is in town right now from Denver and I love having her home so much. We just sat at the bar chatting all night about everything. Founders had their garage doors open and it was the best atmosphere to sit there all night, with good music + good friends. If you guys want to hear some of their music, they have a Bandcamp site! Check it out here.

Tonight I'm off to the shoreline to spend the evening with Jen, while she's still in town. Eric is off to Ypsilanti to play a show. Tomorrow, we're both headed to Troy for the Madewell Event! If you're in the area, come on by! You can RSVP to It's at The Somerset Collection and goes from 11:00am to 2:00pm. There will be cocktails, sweets, and a special discount available! 

Other than that, I'm just getting ready for the next week. I have something going on every single day. Gah! We just have a lot of shows, appointments, birthday plans, trips and everything coming up. I also still need to pack and plan my outfits for TxSC. I leave early Friday AM! It'll all work out, I know, but I tend to stress myself out a little bit when I have too much going on at once. One day at a time... breathe... ;)

Outfit details:

Simple with Stripes Dress c/o Red Clover
Littlewings Designs Yellow Belt
Llave Necklace c/o Honey & Marrow
Urban Outfitters T-Strap Heels