Hello, again!

Hey guys! Long time, no see! My life has been slightly hectic. It's just been hard to get out and take photos for some reason. It's mostly laziness, but with working full-time, planning a wedding, and hanging with friends, this blog has sort of fallen wayside. Plus all last week, I wasn't feeling well, and it's so hard to motivate yourself when you're feeling crummy! I'm going to work harder at getting more posts up though, and am going to try and take my camera with me more often. Now that it's summer and it's light out until almost 10pm, life is pretty awesome. I'm loving this season right now.

Wedding planning has been taking up the most of my time lately. I love planning a wedding, and I feel like my second dream job would have been to be an event planner. But, it's stressful! And time consuming, and expensive. But we're getting there! I fear September is going to be insanely hectic (our date is in October), but I'm excited. I went dress shopping with my friend, Sharisa, last Friday in Chicago at BHLDN and finally settled on a dress (after purchasing three online... I know... never buy a wedding dress strictly online). After trying on a bunch, I fell in love with the very last one I tried on. It's so beautiful! I can't wait to wear it.

Otherwise, Eric and I have just been keeping busy with his band's shows, trying to keep up with all of the festivities happening in Grand Rapids, and we also started watching Game of Thrones, so that's been interesting. We've been grilling a ton – wrapping up whole green beans with a little bit of olive oil is my new favorite thing ever. I've been riding my scooter quite a bit! I love it. I'm also slightly trying to grow out my bangs, but I'm not totally sure yet. I had to change my part because of a cowlick, and it's so hard to switch that over! I'm just thinking longer, side-swept bangs might be better for the wedding. We'll see.

Alright – I'm off! I'm currently planning my #CampBachelorette party (woo!) with two of my friends, and I need to finish up addressing and putting together the invitations. Life is fun right now. Super good. I'm grateful. And grateful to all of you for sticking around and reading this little old blog! Can you believe we're almost to 6 years? Eep! xo

Outfit details:

Forever21 Polka Dot Top (similar)
Forever21 Button-Front Floral Mini Skirt
Pittsburgh Ease Flat in Black c/o ModCloth