Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Halloween! We got breakfast with Jen and her husband, Ryan before they headed back on their long drive to Denver. It was so lovely having her here, but it definitely made me miss her more now! After that, we visited with my Dad, ate lunch with Brett's parents, and went to see Paranormal Activity. I actually thought it was spooky and awesome! I'm not the type of girl who likes those gory gross awful movies, so this one was pretty perfect for me. Afterwards, we went home, got dressed in our costumes, and waited for the trick or treaters to come. Peter came over to stay the night because he was in town so it was lovely to see him! Six o'clock arrived and no trick-or-treaters. This was our first time in this neighborhood and after about a half hour realized we don't get many kids around here! I had 5 all together. It was such a bummer! But I had fun sitting on the stoop, waiting for them all to arrive. I stuffed my face with candy.

I dressed up as a cat for my fourth year. It's always my go-to costume. We left the house early to head to GR because of the lack of kids. We got downtown and found the show, which was at a pretty sweet place. It was a "house-show" at a kid's apartment, but it felt like a venue. It was lovely catching up with some friends and seeing familiar faces. Afterwards, Brett, Peter and I came back to the apartment. Felt like old times, like last summer.