Jen visits!

My best friend, Jen, is visiting from Denver, Colorado! Eeeeee! We had this whole day planned for forever, I swear, and it finally came, and was one of the greatest days ever. I loved seeing her and it was like she never left. We picked right up where we left off. I picked her up and we drove out to Grand Rapids to visit Robinette's. We walked in and out because there were way too many people! We walked around in the apple orchards for a few minutes, got a few pictures by the corn maze area. Love the way they turned out. ♥

We drove downtown so Jen could see the remnants of Art Prize! Nessie was still up and so were the table and chairs. I'm just really glad she got to see Nessie; definitely my favorite. She loved it too, obviously. (We're seriously the same exact person! I knew she'd love it!)

We walked everywhere, which was so great! She got to see a lot of stuff new in Grand Rapids and see a lot of the old stuff too, of course. We even got yummy autumn drinks at Biggby (a Michigan favorite!) We took the back roads back to Grand Haven to see the colors. We got into Grand Haven and I was finally able to show her my apartment! We walked downtown Grand Haven, down to the pier and back. That is a super long walk and it didn't even feel that long because we had so much catching up to do. We just talked the entire way. We got dinner at Pavilion Wharf and walked back to the apartment to watch a movie and our favorite TV show, Desperate Housewives!

Loved it, love her. I miss her dearly. We've been such good friends for such a long time. It's no surprise to me that we've stayed such good friends even with her living 1,160 miles away. We just have that kind of friendship that'll never end and I adore that. Even though I wish we lived 5 minutes away still, she's an amazing art teacher in an amazing state, and I admire her so so much. What an amazing friend. What a wonderful day.