Parking garages

Hello friends! I seriously outdid myself today. I packed and was completely organized this morning, worked four hours, drove 45 minutes, parked, scootered on my razor scooter to class (with my tripod bag, my camera bag, my computer bag and my pockets stuffed full with my cell phone, chap stick and my huge long cord to my giant oversized headphones but they're like wearing ear muffs!), paid attention in class, actually got something to work in Flash CS4, ran outside during my 20 minute break to dash to the top of this parking garage, got some photos, went back to class to pitch my game design and now, after I update to you lovelies, I'm going to drive back home and eat dinner with Brett! I'm so accomplished today. Go me! Brett is getting his first massage ever tonight... and is so nervous. I've never had one either! I can't wait to hear all about it. What an adorable kid.

I never wear this shirt hardly, but have worn it just recently twice. The lines on it are pink like my skirt and matched wonderfully. I love greens and pinks together. They are just two romantic colors if paired together right. I also thought my pale blue paired nicely too as a tank underneath. These photos are overexposed again. I need to figure out a way to work with our gray overcast days, because we're soon to have a lot more of them! At least the temperature is lovely enough for the end of November! Also! This "skirt" is actually an old tank top from Forever 21 that was kind of too big and dated. You can kind of tell where it was falling down... and I can guarantee you that a boy saw my entire butt in the hallway today as it was falling down and I was racing to the bathroom. Hahah!

My roots are so so dark! I never let it go this long before getting it highlighted, but for some reason I'm really in love with the way it has been looking lately. I think the bangs help.. but I love the dark bangs with my eyes.. but I'm just not sure how I feel about dying it all dark. I'm a blonde! So I'll just be both. Brown and blonde. That works right? I've gotten a lot of compliments on it lately, so that's also another inspiration to keep growing it out, but I'll have to bite the bullet soon I'm sure.

Well, class is out and I'm going to razor scooter back to my car and drive home quick to hear all about Brett's massage experience! Eep! Thanks for all of the comments and followers! I'm sorry if I don't get to everyone's blog in time to say thank you and to check up on all of your lovely blogs. Leave your link in my comments! I want to read more when I get home tonight! Lots of love!

Outfit details:

Forever21 skirt
Forever21 belt
Forever21 tights
Old Navy Cardigan
Urban Outfitters shirt
jb&me shoes