Ask me again

I must really love red in nature because this is the second look I've done with bright red in a very earthy setting. I've been wanting to get some photographs by this old barn on Lake Michigan avenue for the past few weeks. Whenever I take the back roads home, I see it and think it just looks beautiful. There were tons of keep out signs posted everywhere. I was really nervous taking these photos so I only snapped a few, but I think they turned out alright. The sun was insanely bright and it reflected in the photos, but it kind of makes them dreamy feeling, but I don't know. That's just me. I feel kind of like a little girl today in this outfit. I'm getting lots of stares from everyone at college and a ton of big smiles from old ladies... like they think I'm a cute little girl or something!

Does this scene in Almost Famous make anybody else's heart melt like it does mine? Not only do I love the movie, but this scene in particular. The music just tugs at my heartstrings, I swear. Plus, I adore Kate Hudson. I used to have naturally curly hair just like hers (it's kind of flattened over the years) and I just used to look up to her majorly, especially as Penny Lane. Gosh, I always watch this clip too many times. It's like life-defining!

Outfit details:

Forever21 skirt
Thrifted top
Ragstock necklace
H&M jacket
Target tights
Forever21 belt