Calder Plaza

Brrrr! It is numb cold outside today! But I was up on the seventh floor of my school, looking out the window and letting the sunshine hit my face and I can't tell you how good it felt. Sunshine on a winter's day is a gift, especially in Michigan. And I'm so appreciative! So I bared the freezing temperatures for these shots. I was laughing when Julie from Orchid Grey said she's come to care more about her blog than her dignity in recent months. I couldn't agree more. Businessmen in their long black coats and briefcases and businesswomen with their short haircuts and layered beige trench coats stared me down, but I had fun today. Despite that pesky cold wind that was body piercing!

I took a little walk over to Calder Plaza where La Grand Vitesse is located. This work was dedicated to Grand Rapids in 1969 by Alexander Calder. Since then, it's become a staple of the city. It's translation is "the great swiftness" or "the grand rapids". It's made of steel and painted in his signature color, "Calder Red". Barack Obama spoke here last year, they always have great concerts and art festivals here and it's just a unique thing to see if you're in the Grand Rapids area!

I'm in school all day today. I won't get home until 10:30 PM again. It's so exhausting. I never get home before 10 pm on a week night. I'm missing Brett and really wanting to head home, eat a real dinner in our apartment and curl up with my polka-dot blanket and just watch a movie on the couch. That just sounds like the greatest thing in the world right now!

I just wanted to quickly show you the back of this new top I got! It's so pretty. I can't wait to wear it in spring with some cute florals and lace tights. I've been feeling uninspired lately, but I rummaged through my scarf drawer and found this thin guy I've had for a really long time and based my colors off of it!

I also took a little walk around town (with a thicker jacket and huge mittens, of course!) The sun was too beautiful. There was music coming from Rosa Parks circle with ice-skaters out skating and I sat down on a concrete bench and enjoyed my soy caramel steamer from Biggby. Mmm!

Outfit details:

BCBG skirt
Forever21 top
Forever21 belt
Gap tights
Old Navy cardigan
Aldo shoes