Frozen lakes

I can't believe it's the last weekend in January! It has been freezing in Michigan. We're lucky to have 15 degrees each day. I literally walk to class, sit in class, don't even leave for lunch or if I do it's to head across the street to the cafe and gulp down hot chicken lemon soup and then immediately run back to class and stay there until I leave. The winds have been so awful too. Sometimes it'll hit you.. and you'll stand there jaw dropped at how cold you are! At least it has been really pretty lately; it gives me one hope as I stare out the windows into the sunshine. Sunshine in winter is perfection. Sunsets? Even more perfection. Especially on the beach, even if it is frozen over. I love our little beach town.

Before I left to head out of town, I ran home from work so Brett and I could snap some photos down by Lake Michigan. The lake isn't frozen over like it usually is though! We've had a very mild winter up until the last week when we've gotten into single digits. The sun setting was so pretty and then it disappeared behind the line of dark clouds. Brett and I were running down the beach to beat the sun disappearing!

I've been trying to work a lot of layers to beat these winter blahs. Nighttime Tieka is all risky and tries on super thin tights with pretty floral dresses and short skirts to wear the next day, and then morning Tieka is freezing cold and uninspired and tired, so she grabs her closest pair of pants and a sweater. But today, I decided to brave the cold and I need to keep reminding myself that jeans are not any warmer than tights! I felt just fine today!

I spent quite a lot of time last night trying to style this dress, but then realized it was so pretty on it's own that it didn't need anything else. The fabric is so pretty and I'm just loving this floral print and the colors in this dress! I can't wait to wear it in spring with bare legs and no cardigan. It has short sleeves and I've been in love with dresses with sleeves lately. Eeeee.. spring come sooner!

Right now, I'm in East Lansing staying with Andrea (Blonde Bedhead)! Her loft apartment is seriously stunning. I feel like I'm on vacation every time I'm here. We've been sitting side by side updating our blogs and talking about bloggers and how excited we are for the Chictopia 10 conference. I'm seriously so excited and she couldn't be more perfect of a friend to go with. I'm pretty sure I'm just down right in love with that girl. We're going shopping tomorrow in Troy at Somerset for our upcoming trip! I'm so excited!

Outfit details:

Dress c/o ModCloth
Anne Klein tights
Target cardigan
H&M headband
Aldo oxfords