Unlike me

My seventh grade math teacher ratted me out when she told my Dad I needed glasses. Well now, 100% of the time I wear contacts. I don't like looking through glasses. Everyone says you get used to it, but I get annoyed by them. I stepped on my last pair, so decided to opt for the nerdy ones, but these are my favorite style ever. I like laying in bed reading a book with glasses. Anyone totally inspired by Ms. Pandora like I am? She has the ombre style hair, the adorable glasses and she's even a little bit cross-eyed like I am (well it appears so anyway!) You can really only tell on me when I'm tired. One of my eyes gets "sleepy" looking. Brett always picks on me. Well anyway, let's just say I'll wear these once or twice because of her!

I need to lint roller this blazer. I did literally nothing today. Brett woke me up to waffles (he's been a little too good this weekend.. I wonder if he has something up his sleeve!) and then we went to his parent's to do our truckload of laundry. I took a nap, we got pizzas at K2, came home to watch Desperate Housewives and saw it wasn't on, so I decided to post these. I always hate when I'm not sure if I should post something. I'm working on Q&A posts too! They take a lot of time!

Back to the too-long, too-much week tomorrow. Oh! By the way, Brett and I have been talking about Michigan lately and we always wonder what people really think or associate Michigan with. What do you associate Michigan with? Or what do you think about when you think of Michigan? We always worry people just think of Detroit when they think of Michigan, but really there's so much more than that! But anyway, we were just curious!

Outfit details:

Thrifted blazer
Thrifted vest
Forever21 tights
Forever21 shirt
Forever21 skirt
Urban Outfitters belt
Target boots