Spring break

Well, spring break hasn't really been the most exciting spring break of my life, but it is nice to relax a little bit! I am working full-time right now, but it's so nice to leave work and go home. Well not home home, because we are housesitting but to Brett's parent's home! I'm feeling a little bit less stressed, but my brain is still in stress-mode thinking of all the work I'm going to have to do when break is over. It's my "get-serious" time where I really need to just buckle down and finish out college! What a nerve-wracking experience!

I asked Brett to get some shots outside and we did, but they were crummy. It was so gray and yucky outside, so I took a walk down to Rosy Mound park. I got some of my favorite pictures here in the fall, so I figured I'd tough out the thousands of steps and see what the beach was like since the temperature is so high (52!) and gorgeous outside. And I was so pleasantly surprised once I got over the hill! The sunset was gorgeous.. it was so warm down on the beach. I even whipped off my tights for a second to test Lake Michigan temperature.. and it actually was not bad at all! Maybe it'll be warm enough in June for swimming this year!

I love the beach right after winter. The sand is unstepped on, the marks the waves leave on the sand are still perfectly in tact.. I love it. I got a comment from a reader the other day on my beach post that said, "That's a lake? It looks like a beach!" I don't really think people understand Lake Michigan! It's just like a beach... like the ocean! Only freshwater! You can't see across the lake... except maybe on a really clear night you can see the lights of Milwaukee, but other than that.. it takes two and a half hours to get across! It's stunning. And the water is perfect to swim in!

I got these tights from We Love Colors who asked me to check them out and give a review! They are, in my honest opinion, really great tights! They are really "tough" feeling if that makes sense. I always snag my other tights and I couldn't do that in these if I tried! And very bright! I had a super super hard time styling these tights due to the color. I was on the hunt for mustard color tights for the longest time and when I finally got some.. I couldn't figure out how to style them! So I matched them to this romper and said.. alright, I give up! It's not my favorite outfit in the world.. but I'm trying to get by without dipping into my new spring clothes! Be sure to check out We Love Colors too.. over 51 colors of solid tights alone!

Outfit details:

Urban Outfitters romper
Urban Outfitters cardigan
Tights c/o We Love Colors
Forever21 boots