At the zoo

Saturday, Brett and I spent a great day at our local zoo! It's called John Ball Zoo and it's located right downtown in Grand Rapids! I've been going there since I was a kid. It's so fun to walk around and see the exact spots that my dad walked and held my hand in my childhood videos! It's changed a lot, but I'm glad it hasn't changed all so much! It was finally a nice spring weekend in Michigan too, so we just had to get out of the house! And the zoo is a perfect excuse.

The zoo has a really unique history. The land was actually donated to the city by pioneer and explorer, John Ball, in 1884 upon his death! After that, a bandshell, playgrounds and animals made up this small zoo until the great depression took over and the zoo fell on hard times. Then, in 1949 it was resurrected and reopened on June 1, 1950. Since then, it's been a great place to visit if you're ever in the Grand Rapids area! So close to downtown, restaurants, shops and it's a cheap thrill!

Brett and I love doing corny tourist things like these, as you all know! My favorites to see are the chimpanzees and spider monkeys! Brett's favorite thing at the zoo is probably.. the ropes course.. and the zip line. But when I just asked him his favorite thing, he said, "The itty bitty monkeys." Mmhmm. He got to go on the ropes course and zip line and I didn't because I wore a skirt. I didn't even think about that! Bah!

We took some outfit shots, but I didn't really intend on being my most-fashionable self today! Just a comfortable little outfit inspired by our trip! Nothing too special here! I just got these cut-out black flats from DSW and they are so comfortable. Perfect for walking around all day! After uploading and editing these photos, I'm realizing.. I do not like tight, little cami's on me. Ew.

Hope everyone is having a great week! I'm doing alright. I think I have "post grad depression". I was so busy and go, go, go during my last few weeks of college that now I'm like.. oh my gosh, what do I do with my time? I turned down a really amazing internship because I didn't feel it was the right fit for my life right now. It was located in Kalamazoo and I'm just not ready to either drive 3 hours every day or pick up our lives here and move it to Kalamazoo - especially when Brett has a job here too. Life is nerve-wracking. I'm not ready to make these big decisions! But I feel like an opportunity will arise someday and I'll be glad I held out. Life is funny sometimes.

Outfit details:

Forever21 skirt
Forever21 cami
Forever21 necklace
Charlotte Russe ring
Urban Outfitters cardigan
DSW flats