The Guy Behind the Camera: 10th Edition!

Welcome to the 10th edition of the "Guy behind the Camera" series! For new readers, I started this feature to showcase some great guys that are behind the cameras of some amazing style blogs. I really grew to appreciate Brett for all of his time spent taking my photos and I figured a lot of girls out there feel the same, so this is a great place to showcase their talent and our appreciation for them! First, we have Toni from Fashion Butter. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Toni in Chicago and in New York! Hearing about her and Alec's story is like.. a movie or a fairy tale, seriously. When she first wanted to take outfit photos, he was hesitant but now that he gets to play photographer, he gets so into it! He makes funny faces, tells her when her eyes are closed, tells her how to turn her body. Sometimes he even comes home and tells her that he found a cool place for them to shoot next time. She's originally from Chicago and he's from Canada.. and now they live in Greece together. She went to Greece on a vacation, met him and they have been inseparable ever since. He's her best friend in the whole world. Ah, love this!

Next, we have Sybil from Animated Confessions! They have been together for 3 years and even though they jumped into a long distance relationship, he never fails to make her feel good about herself. They've always been suckers for celebrating monthsaries and they always like to try something new every month. It's quite a challenge now that they are apart, but it's pretty exciting now to think of ways to celebrate! They love trying new foods and always have the cutest little adventures on her blog!

Third up, we have Kristina from Pretty Shiny Sparkly. She wanted to submit her wonderful boyfriend, Houston, for the series for many reasons. When it comes to putting up with her outfit photos, he's so incredibly patient, restricts eye-rolling to a minimum, and for a guy with little to no photography experience, once he wraps his hands around the camera, he is paparazzi all the way. She couldn't ask for a better or more understanding photographer! So sweet!

Next, we have Sweet from Confessions of a Drama Queen. Sweet says that her and King are two different people who fell in love. King loves rock bands while she prefers mellow r&b and love songs. She loves fashion and likes to dress up while he settles for the simplest outfit ever. Sometimes people wonder how compatible can they be? But ever since she started her blog, he has been her official photographer and never lets her down. He says bluntly if she looks funny in a photo and tells her what he thinks is the best pose! She loves him for being patient and for being in charge of holding the camera all the time. She loves him not only for taking her photos, but for helping promote her blog. She adores him for being so supportive! He even decided to move to Bangkok to be with her!

And last we have Veronika from Tick Tock Vintage. Her husband has been taking her photos for over 2 years now! He's such a good sport about it! He even trekks out in the rain to snap pictures for her even when he is running late for work! She wanted him to be featured for once, instead of her. She tells him he should join Chictopia all the time - she thinks his style is so amazing and he's actually an amazing thrifter! They are such a great-looking couple!

Well, that's it for my October feature of "Guy Behind the Camera"! If you would like to submit you and your guy, please send me an email at with your name, blog URL, a photo of you, a photo of him and a brief description on why you'd like to showcase your guy! If you enjoyed reading this feature, be sure to check out the first eight editions! I'll be back in November with five more stylish ladies and their guys behind the camera!