Stairway to Hell

This past weekend, I took a trip to explore our local cemetery. There is an old urban legend of the Stairway to Hell. It is in Lake Forest Cemetary, near the Civil War burial section. The legend goes that when a person is buried in that cemetary (and there are over 22,000 graves currently), the soul of that person goes to the bottom of the stairway. The "person" then walks up the stairway.

As they approach the top, if they are meant to go to heaven, a beautiful white light will appear: the "doorway" to heaven. If the soul gets to the top and a white light never appears, they are doomed to turn around and walk back down, knowing that hell is waiting for them at the bottom. The stairway itself is paranormally active. Unexplained geomagnetic disturbances and temperature drops have been recorded on it. - Nicole Bray via Weird Michigan

Ooooh, so scary, right? Haha! I love scary ghost stories! It's especially funny that I rode my scooter here to this spot.. so I parked my mint-green cute little scooter at the bottom of this creepy staircase. Hehe. I have visited this spot often - it's so interesting! If you climb the staircase, at the top, there are the oldest gravestones! I'm not sure why it's creepier when a gravestone is tilted sideways either!

Anyone have plans for Halloween yet or know what they are dressing up as? I have no idea! I'm not sure what is happening next weekend.. and I haven't planned costumes or anything yet. I absolutely love Halloween though. Passing out candy to trick or treater's as they run through the leaves in the front yard, watching scary movies, stuffing my face with chocolate bars, dressing up in costumes. It's all just so much fun!

Outfit details:

Target flannel
Black and White Stripes Dress c/o The Novel Hunt
Forever21 wedges